Monday, September 10, 2012

Easy Summer Dresses To Wear All Season Long

Here you'll find fashion advice and styling tricks to help you look your best in a maxi dress - from how to select the right dress style for your body figure to how to accessorize a long dress. 

It's all in how you wear it, 'honeys 

Many women associate long dresses with dressy, formal occasions. However it's all changing now - and it has become acceptable and stylish to wear a maxi dress without hurting your fashion repertoire. A long dress is elegant, comfy and chic!
However, to look stylish in longer hems without projecting any signs of frumpiness, is solely dependent on how you style it. You also need to work extra on selecting the right style for your body figure, scale and height.
With the right accessories, you can go from sleek and classy to trendy and chic. you will love how you can play around with a maxi dress for any occasion they still work perfectly 

 Model :phoebe

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